AUDIO 101 – Course Description

Audio recording has become more and more accessible in the past few years than ever before and it’s not limited to the music business. Personal computers now ship with Digital Audio Workstations already installed and ready to be used by anyone who needs to record their songs, create audio content or
manipulate any kind of sound for promotional videos or even social media content. Surely recent times have taught us that working from home can be a valuable option and when there’s enough knowledge to back that up it can give incredible results even without relying on expensive
ELECTRIC MOON Audio 101 Course is offered to professionals and hobbyists who need a basic understanding of audio recording and production. It will build a solid foundation that can open the path to a career in audio sound or just be of help with the student’s daily needs with podcasts, audio for videos,
voice-over, or family memories. It will also help the aspiring studio talent to know what happens behind “the glass”, and bring confidence to any professional studio performance. Our students will be able to get involved with the industry-standard DAW (AVID ProTools®) but also get to know free DAWs that they
already have on their computers and iPhones (GarageBand®) and more.
The course is designed to touch all the main topics of audio production, from the importance of room acoustics to the equipment, to the common techniques for recording and processing audio in the best and most efficient ways. By the end of the course, our students will have a clear idea of how to invest
their budget and what questions to ask to solve problems and improve their workflow.

The main topics that will be taught in this course will be subdivided in 9 classes :

The Essentials: General knowledge of home recording. Pros and cons, budget, equipment. 

Getting to know the students and their personal needs.

Understanding of Sound: “You can hear but can you listen?” Ear Training, Critical Listening techniques, the human ear and its secrets. Listening exercises using dedicated Apps to improve our hearing.

Room Acoustics : the number one factor that can make or break any successful recording. The student will learn how to decipher the room and correct any possible problems before they emerge.

Differences between acoustic treatment and sound isolation.

Beginners Class to Studio Microphones and audio interfaces. Why there are different types of microphones and what they do. The student will learn what works best in any specific application.

Recording Interfaces and preamps, what works best for a specific application (VO, podcasting, music band).

Audio Recording: Single microphone VS Stereo Techniques. Signal routing. How to record an ensemble. The student will learn the whole signal path from the source to the DAW, what differences can be made by microphone placements, what signal processing can be useful during tracking.

Effects and Sound Processors pt I : EQ and Compression. The student will learn the ins and outs of the 2 most common processors to manipulate any sound and why they are so important.

Common mistakes and myths, common practices.

Effects and Sound Processors pt II : Spacial Effects, Reverbs and Delays.

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