There is no denying that the Bass helps set the groove in all musical genres!  All students who take the beginner course at the ELECTRIC MOON will learn the origin of the bass, basic chords, finger placement, arpeggios, tuning, slap and pop technique, and octave shapes.  In our more intermediate and advanced programs, bass players continue to hone their skills as they help become the backbone of any band.  They will increase their knowledge of the instrument through extensive practice, coordination and theory. We believe in inspiring our students by encouraging the use of their own unique imagination, and it is important to us that our students also learn what THEY want to learn.  Students will be asked to select a few songs that they are interested in learning throughout the course of their lessons. 

Here at the ELECTRIC MOON we realize that all students will be different, each will be interested in different genres, and all will learn at a different pace.  We also understand that all instructors will have their own unique and creative way of teaching and inspiring the student. We encourage that!  What we have included here is just a basic agenda, and areas we think should be reached. All of this is flexible and can be interchanged according to the students needs and interests. We want to encourage and inspire future leaders and give them the musical tools to change the World in their own way.  That is at the heartbeat of the ELECTRIC MOON.

*1st 10-20 minutes in each lesson used to get to know the student and go over what was taught in previous lessons, and how practice went.  

*Next go over the new lesson plan and determine what will be practiced for the next lesson.  

*1st 10-20 minutes in each lesson is used to get to know the student and go over what was taught in previous lessons, and how practice went.   

*Last 20 minutes discuss how these music lessons can be applied to everyday life and watch live performances of Artists that have influenced both the instructor and student to help inspire and encourage practice and future lessons.  It is very important to the ELECTRIC MOON that everything that is learned in the lessons is applied to creating something new and unique that interests both the student and instructor.   It is very important to the ELECTRIC MOON  and the basis of our foundation that diversity is always front and center.  We believe that just like in any profession, research and study should hold great importance to a well rounded musician.  We want our students to be well rounded and all instructors are encouraged to include all forms of music, soul, blues, country, hip hop, jazz, metal, rock and roll, world music and beyond into their lesson plans.



*Assess the students skill level, which will dictate the course instructions.

*The origin of the bass.

*Discuss main influences and favorite bass players.  What makes them want to play bass?

*Discuss the importance of the bass player and why they are so important to the engine of any band.


*Working with a metronome and stress the importance of being in time with the drummer, start slow and gradually increase speed.

*Groove. Meter. Rhythm.

*Basic fingering positions.

*Teach finger picking. 

*Basic chords taught.

*Bass scales 

  • C major scale. The C major scale is the only major scale without black keys, so it’s easy to begin with. …
  • G major scale. The G major scale has one black key, F#.
  • D major scale. The D major scale has two, F# and C#.
  • A major scale. …
  • E major scale. …
  • F major scale. …
  • B major scale. …
  • Bb major scale.

*Begin working on songs student brought into work on with the instructor.


*Assess skill level.

*Performing along with pre recorded or live music.

*Continue work on scales.

*Work on songs brought in from the student with the instruct

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