We all know how much the music industry has changed, and continues to change by the day. Artists and Musicians must learn to adapt and many times be self sufficient in navigating through all aspects of their career. It is not just about writing songs and performing. In the ELECTRIC MOON DIY Business 101 course, students will learn the skills needed to succeed and set themselves ahead of the pack. Students will learn the basics of the industry, how to form a band and find musicians, the basics of copywriting, understanding social media networks and how to maximize exposure on them. In our advanced classes we will cover negotiation with promoters, basic contract preparation, show poster construction and so much more! By the time you complete our DIY Business 101 program you will be ready to change the Music Industry! Remember, one must understand something, in order to change it!

Here at the ELECTRIC MOON we realize that all students will be different, each will be interested in different genres, and all will learn at a different pace.  We also understand that all instructors will have their own unique and creative way of teaching and inspiring the student. We encourage that!  What we have included here is just a basic agenda, and areas we think should be reached. All of this is flexible and can be interchanged according to the students needs and interests. We want to encourage and inspire future leaders and give them the musical tools to change the World in their own way.  That is at the heartbeat of the ELECTRIC MOON.


*1st 10-20 minutes in each lesson is used to get to know the student and go over what was taught in the previous lesson, and if there are any questions.  

*Next go over the new lesson plan and determine what will be covered for the next lesson.  

*Last 20 minutes discuss how these business tools can be applied to everyday life and watch live performances of Artists that have influenced both the instructor and student to help inspire and encourage the student leading forward.  It is very important to the ELECTRIC MOON that everything that is learned in the lessons is applied to creating something new and unique that interests both the student and instructor.  We believe that just like in any profession, research and study should hold great importance to a well rounded musician.  Diversity is the key to growth as a musician and all areas of everyday life. We want our students to be well rounded and all instructors are encouraged to include all forms of music, soul, blues, country, hip hop, jazz, metal, rock and roll, world music and beyond into their lesson plans.


*Understanding and having the knowledge of how much the industry has changed.

*DIY – The importance of being independent.

*How to form a Band, finding Musicians and leading a band.

*The basics of copywriting.

*Understanding all of the social media networks and how to use it to maximize exposure through them. 

*How to arrange set lists.

*Scheduling rehearsals and setting agendas.

*Show Poster creation, the basics of photoshop.

*The importance of building relationships with bandmates, promoters and your fans.

*Negotiating with venues and promoters.

*Preparing and reading contracts.

*Compose a song with the instructor and do a full release. Make the proper steps to copyright with ASCAP or BMI, releasing the song to ITUNES and all digital formats, upload to youtube, make social media posts, creation of promotional materials, and release

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