Ukulele Course Description

The ukulele has been steadily growing in popularity lately, and that does not come as a surprise! It is compact, easy to learn, affordable, and most of all – it has a beautiful, pleasing tone. This instrument is perfect for all ages and skill levels. It is a great alternative to learning guitar for a young child, it is ideal for the accomplished singer who is looking to accompany themselves, and it is a great new hobby for those who are completely new to music. 

Alan Rigoletto’s ukulele course at Electric Moon is tailored to get you or your child playing right away. Students will learn the basic chords and strumming required to play countless songs in many different genres. Alan also includes a very low pressure element of singing and playing in this course, which allows his students to develop full performances of their favorite songs. 

Are you a more advanced ukulele player? Alan can help you expand your skills at the instrument with fretboard theory, chord vocabulary, advanced strumming techniques, and even melodic playing.

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